Decorating with engineer prints!


Today I’m sharing a very, very fun way to add COOL decor–and it’s truly INEXPENSIVE! The biggest expense will be to invest in a large frame. Mine happens to be a 24″x36″. This giant size makes a pretty big statement, but any size will work. I bought mine at Michaels on sale…then I painted & distressed. (It was originally red!)

Now the fun part! Buy a digital print online. Once you purchase the image, you will receive it via an email. You can then email the file to your local print shop and order whatever size as an ENGINEER PRINT. This is important–because engineer prints are fairly cheap. So make sure you specifically ask for an engineer print in your size. (Of course this only works when doing black & white artwork.) You can also put the file on a flash drive and take to Staples or your local print shop and they can open and print.

One of my favorite places for images is Caravan Shoppe. I happened upon this awesome website via Instagram. They have ALL KINDS of prints from holidays to themes. And sign up for their email and you’ll be notified of sales! ( I bought a “package deal” and this “Oh, Holy Night” print was included.


Another place to look is Etsy. My most recent digital purchase was from dodidoodles. ( I literally paid $2.40 for THIS image (she was running a sale)–and it cost me $3.20 to get it printed!!!!



I have also created my own artwork using pic monkey. I love layout & design work…and could spend all day doing it! (If life allowed!) Here is one of my designs…with my little man!



Ater you get the frame and start your collection, before you know it you’ll have lots of “prints” to display for different seasons & holidays. I started keeping the “extras” right in the frame. All I need to do is swap the one on top for any of the rest underneath.


So, find the frames size you want and start your collection of engineer prints! It’s fun to change up the look without breaking the bank!


DIY Treat Jars


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Can you believe the transformation of these jars?! And what a fun way to gift something….candy, nail polish & accessories, little goodies with a gift card…the ideas are endless! If it can fit, you can add so many fun things. Instead of a basket–use for Easter treats! Or add a battery tealight, use for cotton balls, extra change, or simply to display.


So for our March craft class, we created these fun treat jars!

1544509_10153187587351522_4017522968958163117_n[1] treatjars6

Basically the supplies were: jars, paints, paint brushes, sandpaper, embellishments and a hot glue gun. We used quart jars, but any size would be fun. I’ve been saving these jars, however mason or any kind would work.

 For the embellishments, I made these up ahead of time.


LOVE, LOVE the colors!

LOVE, LOVE the colors!

So, each lady decided if she wanted to paint her jar, or just add the fun do-dads. I think everyone chose to start with paint.  (side note–we painted the outside so “food” items can be added inside.)IMG_3761

The sandpaper is used to give it that”shabby” look. You just lightly rub the paint off in different areas to create the worn look. It all depends on what you like.

 Then the creativity flowed….and now you get to be inspired with the results!

IMG_3753 IMG_3757  image

You can also add glass pedestals to give a little height–or knobs to the lids to add that little extra something.

If you use a glass pedestal–like a candlestick (look at the dollar store!), use E6000 or Goop to adhere. (Hot glue will probably not last and eventually come apart.) You can find E6000 at WalMart or your local craft store…or HERE.


So, this is a simple BUT SUPER CUTE diy giftie!

And here’s a little bonus…SPRING is literally right around the corner! Here is a link to this beautiful FREE printable! Celebrate, create, decorate!



Personalized Baby Gift

Personalized Baby Gift

Remember back last year when I posted HERE about the neat framed initials?! Well, here is another idea with the same concept, but I added a cute banner with the baby’s name to make it personalized.


I used scrapbooking paper for the pennant, ric rac for the ribbon and stencils for each letter. (You can also use the cricut to cut out letters.) I glued the banner to a piece of scrapbook paper that I used for the frame background. I distressed an 8×10 frame and used a small wooden initial (from WalMart) glued right to the FRONT of the glass. (I use E6000 or Goop to glue–it works great on glass!) You can paint the initial any color–I chose a white and distressed a bit.

This is a baby gift…and it’s only about 7 months late! (sigh) Good for me that a growing baby keeps the same name! Ha! Makes a perfect baby shower or birthday gift!


To get some extra ideas on other framed initials, don’t forget to visit my previous post HERE!

Valentine themed framed art


imageJust a quick little post to show you something fun you can make to add a little “love” to your home.

(BTW–This was a fairly easy project!)

Here is what I used: an old 11×14 frame that I painted and roughed up a bit, (you can use any size frame) old sheet music, various hearts cut out of scrapbook paper, a couple little quote cards, tape and a verse I printed out myself.

Here is a picture of my inspiration for this project….


It leads to a tumbler account. Here is where I pinned it on Pinterest.

The verse I used was Colossians 3:14 Good reminder any day of the year!

“Above all, clothe yourselves with love which binds us together in perfect harmony.”


And I displayed this above my coffee area in my kitchen. Here is a peek at what it looks like. (yes, can’t do much about the phone kind of being “stuck” right there in the middle of everything! )


So find an old frame, cut up some hearts and use old book pages, wrapping paper, sheet music or scrapbooking paper for a background…put it all together and celebrate Valentine’s Day! Happy creating!!!


Valentine’s Day Wreath Craft Class!



It was a chilly night here in Northeastern Ohio! But that didn’t stop all the ladies that showed up to create adorable Valentine’s Day wreaths at my craft class! Oh my…I always say how amazing it is to see the results. Everyone is given the same choices, materials and theme. Yet, EVERY ONE turns out unique and lovely with their own design. It’s a reflection of personality, décor and creativity….and I love seeing it all come together!

So, I make sure to get all the supplies we will need for the evening. This included LOTS of yarn…I basically offered several color selections including white, cream, brown, gray and red. I tried to buy thicker yarn because you have to wrap the foam wreath and it takes a little chunk of time. The thicker the yarn, the better. I also bought some canvas burlap–which was great to cut for the little word banners hanging inside the wreath. (found it at Michaels)
I also made up some cute poms and yarn flowers and had some other homemade embellishments available. It’s the KEY to really adding personality to each wreath!
Here is a list of things to have available: yarn, wreath forms (I used 12 inch), embellishments, twine, letter stencils, paint or a sharpie for the lettering, and a hot glue gun. I also printed out some samples of wreath ideas I found –just to give examples of different ways they could be decorated.

Once you “wrap” your wreath form with yarn, you can either tie a loop at the back to hang, or choose some type of ribbon or twine to use at the top. Then you decide if you are going to do a banner. If yes, then attach the twine from side to side. Cut out the burlap and do your lettering BEFORE you glue the burlap pieces to the twine. (Trust me, it’s better to mess up and cut more burlap–rather than have to “tear” it off the twine if you mess up!) When you have the lettering done, very carefully hot glue each burlap letter piece to the twine. Keep in mind the spacing you want. Add any more embellishments you want and WA-LA! You have a beautiful, amazing, and MADE BY YOU piece of art! Take a look at these AWESOME results!!!
IMG_3453   IMG_3449IMG_3452   IMG_3457   IMG_3465   IMG_3459   IMG_3467   IMG_3456   15184_10152972250437451_4352002084147105438_n[1]

A girls craft night is great–especially to beat the winter blues! You know what? There are a few great things that result from hosting or participating in a craft night! 1. You create something yourself and feel accomplished. 2. You connect with other ladies. 3. You learn new tricks and get inspired for other home projects. 4. If you add things like coffee & dessert to the evening–you can’t go wrong!


Probably the best part is when you are among friends and you make a memory together!


Carrie (left) brought her sister-in-law and sister last night.

She blogged about her night here!——>

Hope these wreaths give you inspiration to make your own! Happy Valentine’s Day!



Burlap & Wood Layered Frames



At my craft classes this month (September) we made burlap & wood layered frames. I started out saying we would “mod podge” a photo on the top layer, but then decided that maybe a clip would be better so the photos could be swapped out. (lightbulb!) Also, they could be used for quotes, scripture verses, notes, as a recipe card holder…etc.


       The base was a flat burlap canvas–size 9×12. I got them at Michaels and they came in packs of 3. (On the one pictured above, I used a stencil with a “lacey” look on the burlap canvas. I love how it turned out–even though it was a little “blotchy” in some areas. Kind of goes with that vintage/worn look!)


The second layer was a wood base–either scalloped frame or flat piece of wood. It gives it dimension and texture. On the scalloped frames, you can use the middle section that usually holds the picture in place–just pop it out, remove stand off back and place ON TOP of the front of the frame…gives another “layer”.  Pick your paint colors and paint. Hot glue the layers. Add embellishments and a clip or clothespin.

IMG_2889 IMG_2890

This is a GREAT craft for ANY season because you can use all kinds of embellishments! Burlap flowers, twine, buttons, fabric flowers, gems….the list is endless. Go wild with creativity! The burlap bases did not have any type of hanger, so we made our own with a bit of twine and some good old hot glue! (obviously we didn’t get real fancy with this step!) 🙂 You can also use a plate holder/frame stand to display.


And the results will amaze you….when you see how each one comes out completely DIFFERENT and so personal to each creator~! And these make great gifts! Perfect as a housewarming, birthday, or teacher gift.

IMG_2878    IMG_2845 IMG_2879

IMG_2875 IMG_2877

IMG_2843   IMG_2885

The neat thing about crafting with ladies is the fellowship and laughter….the sharing together…enjoying coffee, snacks, chats and crafts all in one place! I have a great set up to do this on a monthly basis in my parents barn, but you can do this in your home too! Find a simple craft and invite your girlfriends for a GIRLS NIGHT IN! You will be amazed how fun and fulfilling a night like this can be. And for those friends that say “I’m not crafty” or “I can’t do that”…tell them to just give it a try once. They might be surprised–and get hooked!


Quick twist for the Pumpkin Spice Latte fan!




So, there are a million trillion DIY pumpkin spice latte recipes. And I’ll be honest….I would fork over my $$ for Starbucks! Lately I’ve heard how many bad things are in the Starbucks version…and I’m sure most of the coffee shop lattes out there. 😦

Ok, so in this “recipe” there is not any actual pumpkin. (Which I’ve heard that Starbucks doesn’t have either!) I also know that store bought creamer isn’t the best for you. 😦 And for a real latte, you would use espresso and steamed milk. So, you might want to heat up the creamer in the micro or warm up on the stovetop. I like a pretty strong blend of coffee, which helps making the espresso part more “latte-ish”. 🙂

 I fill my reuseable k-cup with coffee, and then add about 3/4 teaspoon of pumpkin pie spice.

       image         image
Brew a cup…then add creamer & whipped topping! I only had vanilla creamer, but the pumpkin spice creamer would be awesome! Mmmmmmm! (For this cup I used the middle setting on my Keurig, but I also like to brew a cup on the small setting. It makes the coffee STRONGER!)

This isn’t a replica recipe, but it works if you want a little twist on your morning cup. It’s a quick, easy and (in my opinion!) delicious alternative. The spice gives it that “fallish” twist.


This is great because you save money….and TIME!

By the way, I made the pumpkin pie spice mix. I can’t remember what recipe I used, and I think I omitted the cloves because i didnt have any, but it’s easy as pie! Ha! Go here to get the ingredients list and make some for all your Fall recipes!

And the little coffee printable? It was FREE here! 🙂


Girls Crafty Party



This year my oldest had her “golden” birthday! It’s when the age you turn matches the “day” of the month you were born on. For Paige, it was 11 on the 11th. So, I planned a little surprise for her. I threw a GIRLS CRAFTY PARTY!


I invited some very special girlfriends and they all knew it was a surprise. They started to arrive….and then it was chats and snacks and girly fun. Paige was close to “happy” tears. What a blessing friendship truly is!

   image        IMG_2676

After some snacks they had some crafting fun. The project was canvas tote bags that I ironed on a really neat design and they used fabric markers to color in however they wanted.


I had a bunch of ruffles I made ahead of time and they chose one–and I hot glued it across the top to add that final touch. These bags turned out absolutely ADORABLE!

               IMG_2733            image                         IMG_2674       IMG_2736       IMG_2660

I found the Scripture doodle printable HERE on this neat blog . I asked permission from Erin to use her artwork –which is SO amazing! She graciously said “YES”! When you visit her blog, check out all her creative work. She also has an etsy shop…click HERE to visit.

For this project, I printed out in black & white onto transfer paper and ironed onto the bags ahead of time. Want to print one out to frame and keep as a reminder of who YOU are in CHRIST? Visit her blog and see her lovely work and print one out for your home.  (And thanks again for your generosity, Erin! Your artwork is truly inspirational and a blessing!)  I hope these girls are reminded often as they look at their bags, how loved and protected they are in Christ.

The markers I found at Michaels.


The bags I ordered from Oriental Trading.

After crafts there was time for fun and cake and laughs.


image  image

This was a highlight for Paige…a memory she will keep in her heart for years to come. Thanks to each of her girlfriends (Elaine, Michelle, Ava, Reilly and Sydney) for making this extra special. I am grateful to The Lord for the friends He has placed in Paige’s life.

          IMG_2689          IMG_2693

IMG_2691          IMG_2694

Happy Golden Birthday, Paige! I love you!


Craft exchange gift…personalized framed initial.


So, I joined in on my second “craft exchange” with Linda at Craftaholics Anonymous. ( I was paired up with a lady in Minnesota that decks her home w/ 1950’s colors. I’d love to see it! Anyway, I made her an 8×10 framed initial with interchangeable background papers. I wasn’t sure what room it would be displayed in, so I gave her a variety so she could switch out the background. It is such a FUN craft…and makes a great gift! Here is the finished product… I’ve also made some others…and even had my July craft classes doing this cute idea!



To see the products I used and a variety of inspiring framed initials…see my blog post HERE!

Framed initials crafting fun!



(this post contains affiliate links for Amazon)

10505577_10152646253581522_1809678999908684351_n[1]   10458497_10152612638646522_4045614157777007744_n[1]   image

For our July crafting classes we created beautiful 8×10 framed initials. It was amazing! There were a total of THIRTY-ONE ladies that attended….and SIXTEEN were there for the first time! Each one was unique because it reflected the personality, colors & taste of its creator! Some were traditional, some bright, some rustic….and I think everyone went home loving what they made!

Here’s the nitty gritty of what I used. I purchased a variety of frames. Both wood and a “wood-like” plasticky look. If you want to sand and get that “shabby/worn” look, I’d suggest wood. The ladies used both & as you see–they all turned out great! The letters were from Wal Mart. You’ll also need a variety of paint and brushes.


The embellishments were a combination of buttons, gems, jewelry, fabric & paper flowers….whatever you want. I even found clip on earrings at a garage sale and second hand shop! Here’s a little secret….I bought some chunky necklaces and broke them apart! Wal Mart has a line out right now that sell for about $10….and when you break them up the gems are really cool!

image  image


I also found some on Amazon. Here are a couple links for some I purchased.

For the background paper…I have a small stash of scrapbooking paper.  My theory is YOU CAN’T EVER HAVE ENOUGH SCRAPBOOK PAPER!!!! Everyone browsed & choose a paper that fit their style.

To glue the initial to the glass, use E6000 or Goop. I bought both at Wal Mart. I tried using hot glues but the letter “popped” off, so use a glue for glass.

This is a link to E6000 at Amazon so you can see what it looks like.

So you choose the frame and sand/paint it. Also paint your letter at this point. Then pick embellishments and paper.

image  image

Use hot glue to attach embellishments to letter and/or frame. Last step, glue letter to glass. There ya have it! My very first one I made, I removed the glass completely and glued the letter right to the paper. AFTER that I thought about it and realized I could glue the letter to the glass so the paper could be switched! (Lightbulb!)

One of my favorite things is to see how each one turns out in a class. These ladies didn’t disappoint!

image  image  image  image  image  image  image  image  image  image  image  image

These were all 8×10, but I’ve done some adorable birthday gifts for tween girls in 5×7 frames. I think they would make the BEST bridesmaids gifts in this smaller size too.

image  image  image


Whatever size…..they make cute gifts for a new home, birthday, wedding, Christmas….or for yourself! Happy crafting! Hope you have fun making one soon! 🙂