Monthly Archives: August 2013

Random questions to ponder….


What is your favorite memory from this past weekend? (Pick one–then say THANKYOU to God!)

What is one thing you are looking forward to this Fall?

What noise or scent to you absolutely love?

Pick a very random person (stranger) and do a little act of kindness. I think the small things can be just as grand as the big ones!

I loved this idea on Pinterest….tape a bag of microwave popcorn w/ money to the red box! Someone will get to enjoy a night “at the movies” on you!


VitaCost…a good place to order coconut oil, elderberry and tons of other great products



Click thru this link and we both win! If you spend $30, you will get $10 FREE…and so will I! It’s a win-win. This is the site I’ve ordered Coconut Oil. Which reminds me–I’m out! ūüôā

I also see this…Receive a FREE Vitacost Extra Virgin Certified Organic Coconut Oil – 4 fl oz with purchase of this item.

A gift no one else can give but you!



(This post  contains affiliate links)

One of the products I LOVE from Once Upon A Family is “Letters To My Dear Sweet Child”. It’s a way for me to create a keepsake that will last a lifetime! Each year on (or somewhat around”ish”) my child’s birthday I’ll write them a letter about the¬†past year of their life. It will be about whatever is on my heart. One day….like a milestone birthday or event…I’ll present them with all the letters I’ve written. You can certainly do this without buying the product from OUAF, but the ivory “booklets” are very nice and the keepsake box is a handy place to keep them. You can surprise them one day with all the letters….or I think it would be neat to read the letter each year to them and then place in the box. You can leave the box out and they can revisit the letters as often as they like, or put it away¬†and give it on a special occasion like going to college, wedding day..etc. Either way, it’s a gift like none other!!!¬†Visit Once Upon A Family to see this and other products¬†they offer!


My first post on my new blog!


I  am excited to start this new blog. My old one kinda fell by the wayside. (Along with that endeavor to bake my hubs FORTY desserts during his 40th year on this earth!) 


Here is to new beginnings….like the new school year we are about to dive into! Ready or not, life keeps happening. I have a huge need for The Lord to work in my life as we start fresh and have hopes for what will come during the next year.