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Keeping a memory of special times shared


(Note: this post contains affiliate links)

Another product recommendation…this one is from ONCE UPON A FAMILY. This is perfect to keep a memento from the special times shared between Daddy & Daughter. (However, a side note here…the cover can be removed and you could put in your own customized one and make this for WHOEVER. Like “Our special times” or “Special days with Gramps” or “Mom & Me”)

There is a place to write down any memories of the day and a plastic slot to keep a memory like a ticket stub, small photo or other small relic to remind you of the day share.  Dates with Dad Journal can be purchased HERE. Visit  ONCE UPON A FAMILY PRODUCTS and see their beautiful line for all occasions!


See my post here on one of my FAVORITE products that I use for my girls…love, LOVE this one!

Dear Sweet Child Letter Box


Happy Memory Making…no matter what you use or how you preserve the special times together….just do it! Keep a journal, a small photo book…whatever. You won’t be sorry to have something tangible to look and recall–and your kids will love it!


Book recommendations for girls


I thought I’d share some good reads for girls. I have to admit, I am not much of a book worm. But, I really hope my girls develop a love for reading. Our library is EXTRA awesome at providing books we want–even if they have track them down and get the from other libraries, or even order them! You can also find them at places like, and of course Amazon. These are just some books that we’ve enjoyed and I thought maybe you would too! I’ve provided links for you to take a look.

In Grandma’s Attic series (order HERE)

A Hive of Busy Bee’s (order HERE)

Christmas Pony (looks like CBD is out of stock on this, but you can get the Kindle version HERE)

All-of-a-Kind-Family (order HERE)

The Joy Sparton books by Ruth I. Johnson

(Our library tracked down and ordered these from another library!) We are currently reading these books and they are funny. I remember reading them when I was a kid. (You can get the Kindle version HERE.)

The Cul-De-Sac Kids series (Kindle version HERE)

I feel that this series has motivated Paige because the chapters are easy and fast. It’s not OVERWHELMING…and she read a book in a day!

So, I’m writing this post and asking Paige about other books and she can’t remember the Grandma’s Attic series or A Hive of Busy Bees….so maybe we should revisit some of these titles! 🙂 ( There was a bookmark still in A Hive of Busy Bees, so maybe we never finished???)


Do you have a great recommendation? I’d love to hear…please leave a comment and let me know.

The Giving Plate


This was originally published in November, 2013. PLEASE SEE UPDATE AT BOTTOM OF THIS POST! 🙂

(contains affiliate links)


This is a gift that can be given ANY time of the year…to just about anyone. It is fairly easy to make, and affordable too. (especially after you buy the marker(s)…you can use them for LOTS & LOTS of fun projects) It’s also pretty unique. THE GIVING PLATE!

You will need a plain white plate, a porcelain marker and patience to write out the poem.

You can purchase any type of white plate that is oven safe. I found one at walmart. I honestly can’t remember how much it was, but I think around $2.50 or $3.00. You can order the black porcelain marker HERE. (I also used the peacock blue marker to add a bit of color, but it’s not necessary. That can be ordered HERE.) I’m sure you can find these at your local craft shop.

Once you have your tools, then you have to figure out how you want to write out the poem. There are at least a couple different versions…or you can create your own little saying. If you need inspiration, you can take a look on Pinterest. Type in “giving plate” and see! This is what I did. Sorry it’s not the best picture–and I already gifted it, so I can’t take another.

photo (5)

Basically you write out whatever you want, let it set/dry for 24 hours, then bake according to instructions that are on the marker itself. (Bake at 300* for 35 min.) And FINALLY–fill it with something yummy and get started with the blessings this special plate will bring to others because of the love shared through giving.

I think this would be neat to make personalized “special” plates. Write a name and add a flourish and you have a personalized gift. Happy creating~!



So, apparently the markers I used are not deemed “food safe” even though they are water based. I would hate to steer anyone in the wrong direction. I think these markers would be fine to use on surfaces that do not come in direct contact with food. I have found a source for FOOD SAFE markers. Let me tell you, it seems like there is only one source! I searched…so let me know if you find another website or store that sells FOOD SAFE porcelain pens/markers. Anyway, this link will take you to “Set To Celebrate”, the online store where you can order the porcelain paint markers.

I purchased and used them, however, I am not sure how they will “wear” in the long run. So, I marked my dishes on the back with “Hand Wash”. I am hoping this will prolong the lettering. I liked the pens I bought from Amazon because I feel like they will “wear” better after baking the dish….so I guess time will tell.  Here is a picture of another idea for a giving plate….(idea also found on Pinterest!) 🙂

photo (1)



The chalkboard CRAZE!


They are ALL OVER PINTEREST! The chalkboard looking quotes and designs.  I love to look for the freebies and pin them to use. But, some of those links take steps…and time…and it can be frustrating to figure out zip files and downloads…yadda yadda…

THEN, a lot of them say for personal use only. I totally understand that, but I do craft and would like to use some of the prints in my creations.

So, imagine how cool to find out that one can actually CREATE your very own chalkboard looking prints!!! Wow…I already love layout and fiddling around with computer design. It’s seriously not hard to go about this and once you get the hang and become addicted….I mean get your creative juices flowing, you’ll wonder what you did with your time before designing your own chalkboard prints! And imagine the personalized gifts?!!!

So, here is the blog that will tell you how to download and save the actual “chalkboard” looking template. Once you have that saved to your computer–the hard part is done. Please visit: She actually gives you the rest of the details–and probably does a better job. So you could just skip the rest of my post and read exactly how to do this on the LITERALLY INSPIRED blog. 🙂

Next, you will most definitely want to join It’s a photo editing website that offers embellishments, fonts, cool filters, frames…etc. for pictures. The basic version is free, but let me tell you that you’ll have to fork over a little money to get the premium deal. I think it’s about $5 a month or $33 a year. (I chose to do one month first to give it a whirl, but in my opinion it’s worth the $33 yearly fee) Once on PicMonkey you upload the “chalkboard” background that you saved on your computer and use that OVER & OVER to create any kind of chalkboard look you want.

Here are a couple of my prints…

glorytoGod  chalkboard-citysidewalk

Here is a picture of a frame I made and included one of the prints for the insert. I printed it on brown paper, so it gave it a different look.

photo (4)

I hope you have enjoy creating your own prints! And just for the fun of it, here is a poll…let me know what you think!