The chalkboard CRAZE!


They are ALL OVER PINTEREST! The chalkboard looking quotes and designs.  I love to look for the freebies and pin them to use. But, some of those links take steps…and time…and it can be frustrating to figure out zip files and downloads…yadda yadda…

THEN, a lot of them say for personal use only. I totally understand that, but I do craft and would like to use some of the prints in my creations.

So, imagine how cool to find out that one can actually CREATE your very own chalkboard looking prints!!! Wow…I already love layout and fiddling around with computer design. It’s seriously not hard to go about this and once you get the hang and become addicted….I mean get your creative juices flowing, you’ll wonder what you did with your time before designing your own chalkboard prints! And imagine the personalized gifts?!!!

So, here is the blog that will tell you how to download and save the actual “chalkboard” looking template. Once you have that saved to your computer–the hard part is done. Please visit: She actually gives you the rest of the details–and probably does a better job. So you could just skip the rest of my post and read exactly how to do this on the LITERALLY INSPIRED blog. 🙂

Next, you will most definitely want to join It’s a photo editing website that offers embellishments, fonts, cool filters, frames…etc. for pictures. The basic version is free, but let me tell you that you’ll have to fork over a little money to get the premium deal. I think it’s about $5 a month or $33 a year. (I chose to do one month first to give it a whirl, but in my opinion it’s worth the $33 yearly fee) Once on PicMonkey you upload the “chalkboard” background that you saved on your computer and use that OVER & OVER to create any kind of chalkboard look you want.

Here are a couple of my prints…

glorytoGod  chalkboard-citysidewalk

Here is a picture of a frame I made and included one of the prints for the insert. I printed it on brown paper, so it gave it a different look.

photo (4)

I hope you have enjoy creating your own prints! And just for the fun of it, here is a poll…let me know what you think!


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