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A personalized “DATE NIGHT” gift…


This is a fun way to personalize a gift card and make it special! Get ready for some crafting fun!

photo (12)

This was made for my mother-in-law’s birthday. One day while we were talking, she mentioned that she wanted to go out for “date night”.  Yes, they go out to eat regularly, but it’s not that “date night” feel. So, when her birthday came around,  I designed this “date night” idea…combining a gift card to Cheesecake Factory with some step-by-step fun for their evening out. 🙂

Here is what the date night card looked like…I used a file folder and folded the sides in so it opened in the center. I covered it with scrapbooking paper and used little embellishments, ribbon and washi tape to spiff it up a bit!

photoThis is the inside all done.

photo (2)

Top left hand pocket holds gift card.

photo (3)

 Underneath that pocket is a little message…kind of the starting point for the “evening of fun”. 🙂

photo (10)

Pocket #1

I had a little quote card and on one side I put “Light these to celebrate life together” and on the other side I taped 2 little birthday candles.

photo (4)

Pocket #2

Quote card with message “Put these on and take a “selfie” as a permanent memory of this date.” Attached were 2 fuzzy mustache stickers.

photo (5)

Pocket #3

Heart 2 heart–two quote cards with a “conversation starter” on each to answer and discuss together. I got the conversation starters from iMom. (Go to because there are all kinds of categories under her “conversation starters”–for kids, teens, marrieds…etc. You will love looking around the website!)

photo (6)

Pocket #4

Take a guess! Again, using questions from iMom, I had a question for each of them. But, the twist is that each asks the “other” the question, and answers what they think the “other” would say. (thus, “taking a guess” ) After they guess, the “other” one shares what their answer really is.

photo (7)

Pocket #5

Bucket list–I wrote “On the other piece of paper-each write down a bucket list dream.”

photo (8)

Pocket #6

This was the last pocket and I wrote “You & I…we will always “stick” together!” and added in 2 sticks of gum. (for the after dinner mint, of course!)

photo (9)

On the very right hand side I taped in a little treat type bag to hold special mementos from the evening. (Like the receipt from the restaurant, the “selfie” they took with the mustaches…whatever they want.)

photo (11)

And there you have it! I’m sure you will come up with creative and personalized ideas of your own!

photo (13)

There are lots of ways you could tailor this to different occasions. A special “date with mom” or “date with dad” including an “I spy” game of things to look for while you are out, or “explore our town” for someone that just moved to the area and include fun things to do–along with a gift card for the local pizza shop, perhaps a girls nite out w/Starbucks gift card and conversation starters for a group activity….the ideas are too numerous to list. 🙂

photo (14)

Please let me know what you create!