April Crafting Fun!


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Our family has a craft business and we do a huge “once a year” open house for Christmas! It’s the perfect set up in my parents barn. But, the rest of the year the barn usually sits unused. So, I started a once-a-month craft club of sorts! I pick out a crafting project, gather and buy the supplies, and offer it to anyone who wants to sign up. I use our Facebook page to advertise and have had great success!

This month (April 2014) we created beautiful wooden banner plaques. Each lady chose her background color and the WORD she wanted to display. It was neat seeing such a variety of words, colors and personalities come out through every plaque! This was thrilling for me and I’m sure I’ll offer another one of these classes in the Fall or around Christmas to make holiday plaques!

Here are the final results!

If you want to get the “how to prep” for this project…see all the nitty gritty details after the pics! 🙂

photo[1] (7)photo[2]photo[1]photo[1] (2)

One crafter (Rose) has a wreath business. She went home and put this together and sent me a picture!
photo[2] (2)

I just have to say that I love the way Kim added this adorable burlap flower to her plaque! It gives it that extra touch and looks lovely on display in her kitchen!

photo[1] (8)

Now for the “how to”….

I designed a general invitation for advertising. I’ve had such fun using PicMonkey to design creative invites and other printables. I am an affiliate (my personal link…. http://www.shareasale.com/r.cfm?b=460974&u=925819&m=46133&urllink=&afftrack= ) But, I would totally recommend PicMonkey even if I weren’t an affiliate! I love layout and design. So, I use a personal background image (generally floral or pretty design!) and upload it to PicMonkey. Then I add embellishments and fonts.  I actually had two classes this month. (For those of you wanting to plan a fun girls day/night, it seems to work out good to offer two dates!) Here is one of the April invites.


Here were the instructions and the color choices and sample picture…
After everyone let me know their color and word choices–I prepped everything ahead of time. I used masking tape to tape off the stripe pattern and then painted the plaques. After they were dry, I went over them with a stain…I like that aged, vintage look.

photo[2] (3)

Then I used the Cricut to cut out each word. (no pic, but the Cricut does an awesome job!)

 Before the class, I precut a few templates (out of cardboard) so the ladies had a tracing pattern for the banner. I offered two choices–either pennant or flag.

photo[2] (4)

I am a bit of a scrapbooking paper nut, so I had lots of variety to offer in the paper department! The ladies chose their patterns for the letter background. Some chose one pattern of paper for all the letters, while others chose a different pattern for each letter. (As you may have noticed in the pictures.) After they traced and cut out the papers, they attached the letters to the paper using either a sticker maker, glue pen or tape runner. Then they were able to browse the ribbon/ric-rac/twine selection for tying the look all together. We used hot glue for this step. (We needed something that would be a little more durable–making sure the ribbon would stay attached to the board.) I’d suggest to use a dab of hot glue to keep each pennant or flag piece in place too. It’s easier to work with the ribbon or twine if the letters are in place and not moving all around your board! 🙂

It was fantastic! Each plaque was so unique and the creativity was amazing! What would your word of inspiration be if you could create a banner plaque?  Right now I have one on my porch that reads “SPRING”! After having snow this week (in April!) I hope it is here soon!

photo[1] (5)


Happy Crafting~!


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