May Craft~Coffee Filter Wreaths!


I’m a bit behind in posting the fun classes we had in May. COFFEE FILTER WREATHS!

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It truly brings me a LOT of joy to see each and every “crafter” make a truly unique project. It brings out their own personality. It’s fun to see how a pile of coffee filters can turn into A.M.A.Z.I.N.G works of beauty! (and EVERY one different!) I can’t take credit for the idea or steps…Pinterest is my BFF! 🙂 I’ll post some good links at the end for you to check out. I had lots of ladies attend one of my two classes…here are some pictures for you to see how CREATIVE these groups were in their wreath making skills!




One of the things I love– seeing these ladies go home and display their work!  Here are two front doors, and I can’t help but think what a lovely entrance for guests and visitors to these homes!
10380276_10152446128962451_4217912696386552701_n[1]   10350411_10152446128797451_1976616937608735084_n[1]

So, here are a couple links in case you want to give this a go yourself. I promise you–it’s so much fun and you will LOVE adding it to your home décor–or gifting to a friend. You might even want to make two! This first link is a good tutorial on how to prep and assemble the wreath. (Don’t let the “Valentine” in the title throw you–it’s the concept they used that is very helpful.)!+Mail

NOW…if you’re feeling pretty creative and want to take your “coffee filter wreathing” skills a little further, check out this blog. WOW–it’s beautiful!

A couple things to add…I used 12 inch wreath forms you can purchase at Michaels. They are round and flat and worked out great. I also offered some colored filters….and it was easy to do! I took a 13×9 pan, squirted in some paint, (didn’t measure…maybe like 1-2 TBS???) and added some water. Mixed it up a bit and took a pile of filters and dipped them in. Wrung them out and laid them out to dry. Seriously, the hardest part about doing it was the drying part! It was easy! My mom also dyed some using fabric dye. This gave them a deeper and richer look. (It also dyed her fingers, so be careful!) 🙂 The purple and red ones (in the pictures) are the ones that were dyed. You will need to color/dye the filters ahead of time so they thoroughly dry before making the wreath.

And one more “just for fun” link! In case you have extra filters and want to do something different than a wreath…

Need some more inspiration? Just type in “coffee filter wreath” on Pinterest and you will be OVERWHELMED with the creative and beautiful things you will see!

I can’t wait to share the fun we are having in our June classes! Stay tuned!



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