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Craft exchange gift…personalized framed initial.


So, I joined in on my second “craft exchange” with Linda at Craftaholics Anonymous. ( I was paired up with a lady in Minnesota that decks her home w/ 1950’s colors. I’d love to see it! Anyway, I made her an 8×10 framed initial with interchangeable background papers. I wasn’t sure what room it would be displayed in, so I gave her a variety so she could switch out the background. It is such a FUN craft…and makes a great gift! Here is the finished product… I’ve also made some others…and even had my July craft classes doing this cute idea!



To see the products I used and a variety of inspiring framed initials…see my blog post HERE!


Framed initials crafting fun!



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For our July crafting classes we created beautiful 8×10 framed initials. It was amazing! There were a total of THIRTY-ONE ladies that attended….and SIXTEEN were there for the first time! Each one was unique because it reflected the personality, colors & taste of its creator! Some were traditional, some bright, some rustic….and I think everyone went home loving what they made!

Here’s the nitty gritty of what I used. I purchased a variety of frames. Both wood and a “wood-like” plasticky look. If you want to sand and get that “shabby/worn” look, I’d suggest wood. The ladies used both & as you see–they all turned out great! The letters were from Wal Mart. You’ll also need a variety of paint and brushes.


The embellishments were a combination of buttons, gems, jewelry, fabric & paper flowers….whatever you want. I even found clip on earrings at a garage sale and second hand shop! Here’s a little secret….I bought some chunky necklaces and broke them apart! Wal Mart has a line out right now that sell for about $10….and when you break them up the gems are really cool!

image  image


I also found some on Amazon. Here are a couple links for some I purchased.

For the background paper…I have a small stash of scrapbooking paper.  My theory is YOU CAN’T EVER HAVE ENOUGH SCRAPBOOK PAPER!!!! Everyone browsed & choose a paper that fit their style.

To glue the initial to the glass, use E6000 or Goop. I bought both at Wal Mart. I tried using hot glues but the letter “popped” off, so use a glue for glass.

This is a link to E6000 at Amazon so you can see what it looks like.

So you choose the frame and sand/paint it. Also paint your letter at this point. Then pick embellishments and paper.

image  image

Use hot glue to attach embellishments to letter and/or frame. Last step, glue letter to glass. There ya have it! My very first one I made, I removed the glass completely and glued the letter right to the paper. AFTER that I thought about it and realized I could glue the letter to the glass so the paper could be switched! (Lightbulb!)

One of my favorite things is to see how each one turns out in a class. These ladies didn’t disappoint!

image  image  image  image  image  image  image  image  image  image  image  image

These were all 8×10, but I’ve done some adorable birthday gifts for tween girls in 5×7 frames. I think they would make the BEST bridesmaids gifts in this smaller size too.

image  image  image


Whatever size…..they make cute gifts for a new home, birthday, wedding, Christmas….or for yourself! Happy crafting! Hope you have fun making one soon! 🙂


A simple little bookmark


A friend recently asked me to help with a little bookmark favor to give at a baby shower. It was a shower for a couple that just adopted the sweetest little girl from Nicaragua. Little Lucia….a precious girl prayed for and now tucked in with lots of love to a family of her own. And here she is with her beautiful mommy, Nicole!


This is a very easy project. The verse we used was Ephesians 1:5 “God destined us for adoption as His children through Jesus Christ according to the good pleasure of His will.”

I printed it out on brown paper and then cut scrapbooking paper just a bit bigger so you could see it “framed” nicely around the verse. I thought about attaching the two pieces with ribbon, but then decided on sewing them! (yes, you CAN sew paper!)


They turned out cute and were simple to make! Perfect little gift for each guest to take and be reminded of our Father and His love for us.