Girls Crafty Party



This year my oldest had her “golden” birthday! It’s when the age you turn matches the “day” of the month you were born on. For Paige, it was 11 on the 11th. So, I planned a little surprise for her. I threw a GIRLS CRAFTY PARTY!


I invited some very special girlfriends and they all knew it was a surprise. They started to arrive….and then it was chats and snacks and girly fun. Paige was close to “happy” tears. What a blessing friendship truly is!

   image        IMG_2676

After some snacks they had some crafting fun. The project was canvas tote bags that I ironed on a really neat design and they used fabric markers to color in however they wanted.


I had a bunch of ruffles I made ahead of time and they chose one–and I hot glued it across the top to add that final touch. These bags turned out absolutely ADORABLE!

               IMG_2733            image                         IMG_2674       IMG_2736       IMG_2660

I found the Scripture doodle printable HERE on this neat blog . I asked permission from Erin to use her artwork –which is SO amazing! She graciously said “YES”! When you visit her blog, check out all her creative work. She also has an etsy shop…click HERE to visit.

For this project, I printed out in black & white onto transfer paper and ironed onto the bags ahead of time. Want to print one out to frame and keep as a reminder of who YOU are in CHRIST? Visit her blog and see her lovely work and print one out for your home.  (And thanks again for your generosity, Erin! Your artwork is truly inspirational and a blessing!)  I hope these girls are reminded often as they look at their bags, how loved and protected they are in Christ.

The markers I found at Michaels.


The bags I ordered from Oriental Trading.

After crafts there was time for fun and cake and laughs.


image  image

This was a highlight for Paige…a memory she will keep in her heart for years to come. Thanks to each of her girlfriends (Elaine, Michelle, Ava, Reilly and Sydney) for making this extra special. I am grateful to The Lord for the friends He has placed in Paige’s life.

          IMG_2689          IMG_2693

IMG_2691          IMG_2694

Happy Golden Birthday, Paige! I love you!



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