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DIY Treat Jars


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Can you believe the transformation of these jars?! And what a fun way to gift something….candy, nail polish & accessories, little goodies with a gift card…the ideas are endless! If it can fit, you can add so many fun things. Instead of a basket–use for Easter treats! Or add a battery tealight, use for cotton balls, extra change, or simply to display.


So for our March craft class, we created these fun treat jars!

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Basically the supplies were: jars, paints, paint brushes, sandpaper, embellishments and a hot glue gun. We used quart jars, but any size would be fun. I’ve been saving these jars, however mason or any kind would work.

 For the embellishments, I made these up ahead of time.


LOVE, LOVE the colors!

LOVE, LOVE the colors!

So, each lady decided if she wanted to paint her jar, or just add the fun do-dads. I think everyone chose to start with paint.  (side note–we painted the outside so “food” items can be added inside.)IMG_3761

The sandpaper is used to give it that”shabby” look. You just lightly rub the paint off in different areas to create the worn look. It all depends on what you like.

 Then the creativity flowed….and now you get to be inspired with the results!

IMG_3753 IMG_3757  image

You can also add glass pedestals to give a little height–or knobs to the lids to add that little extra something.

If you use a glass pedestal–like a candlestick (look at the dollar store!), use E6000 or Goop to adhere. (Hot glue will probably not last and eventually come apart.) You can find E6000 at WalMart or your local craft store…or HERE.


So, this is a simple BUT SUPER CUTE diy giftie!

And here’s a little bonus…SPRING is literally right around the corner! Here is a link to this beautiful FREE printable! Celebrate, create, decorate!