Decorating with engineer prints!


Today I’m sharing a very, very fun way to add COOL decor–and it’s truly INEXPENSIVE! The biggest expense will be to invest in a large frame. Mine happens to be a 24″x36″. This giant size makes a pretty big statement, but any size will work. I bought mine at Michaels on sale…then I painted & distressed. (It was originally red!)

Now the fun part! Buy a digital print online. Once you purchase the image, you will receive it via an email. You can then email the file to your local print shop and order whatever size as an ENGINEER PRINT. This is important–because engineer prints are fairly cheap. So make sure you specifically ask for an engineer print in your size. (Of course this only works when doing black & white artwork.) You can also put the file on a flash drive and take to Staples or your local print shop and they can open and print.

One of my favorite places for images is Caravan Shoppe. I happened upon this awesome website via Instagram. They have ALL KINDS of prints from holidays to themes. And sign up for their email and you’ll be notified of sales! ( I bought a “package deal” and this “Oh, Holy Night” print was included.


Another place to look is Etsy. My most recent digital purchase was from dodidoodles. ( I literally paid $2.40 for THIS image (she was running a sale)–and it cost me $3.20 to get it printed!!!!



I have also created my own artwork using pic monkey. I love layout & design work…and could spend all day doing it! (If life allowed!) Here is one of my designs…with my little man!



Ater you get the frame and start your collection, before you know it you’ll have lots of “prints” to display for different seasons & holidays. I started keeping the “extras” right in the frame. All I need to do is swap the one on top for any of the rest underneath.


So, find the frames size you want and start your collection of engineer prints! It’s fun to change up the look without breaking the bank!



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