I’m a wife to “my hunk” and a mom to 4  girls that are coming into their own little personalities that make me smile. I love creating, baking, pinteresting (WAY TOO MUCH), finding good deals, taking photos and making special memories. I don’t really like researching or getting bogged down with details. I like craft projects that I can do in about 7 minutes–start to finish! I like tweaking a recipe to be a little more healthy, but in the end I will totally reach for chocolate cake over fruit salad ANYDAY!


About my blog name??? When I was little, my grandpa used to call me “Little Bit”. As I got older, I protested because I was “big”. 🙂 So he then started calling me “Big Bit”. Aren’t we always trying to rush things as kids?!

So, aLittleBitOriginal it is! Some of what I share is a little bit of me….a little bit of what I find along life’s way….some things might be original….some things tweaked….some just things passed on from wherever I find them!






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