Framed initials crafting fun!



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For our July crafting classes we created beautiful 8×10 framed initials. It was amazing! There were a total of THIRTY-ONE ladies that attended….and SIXTEEN were there for the first time! Each one was unique because it reflected the personality, colors & taste of its creator! Some were traditional, some bright, some rustic….and I think everyone went home loving what they made!

Here’s the nitty gritty of what I used. I purchased a variety of frames. Both wood and a “wood-like” plasticky look. If you want to sand and get that “shabby/worn” look, I’d suggest wood. The ladies used both & as you see–they all turned out great! The letters were from Wal Mart. You’ll also need a variety of paint and brushes.


The embellishments were a combination of buttons, gems, jewelry, fabric & paper flowers….whatever you want. I even found clip on earrings at a garage sale and second hand shop! Here’s a little secret….I bought some chunky necklaces and broke them apart! Wal Mart has a line out right now that sell for about $10….and when you break them up the gems are really cool!

image  image


I also found some on Amazon. Here are a couple links for some I purchased.

For the background paper…I have a small stash of scrapbooking paper.  My theory is YOU CAN’T EVER HAVE ENOUGH SCRAPBOOK PAPER!!!! Everyone browsed & choose a paper that fit their style.

To glue the initial to the glass, use E6000 or Goop. I bought both at Wal Mart. I tried using hot glues but the letter “popped” off, so use a glue for glass.

This is a link to E6000 at Amazon so you can see what it looks like.

So you choose the frame and sand/paint it. Also paint your letter at this point. Then pick embellishments and paper.

image  image

Use hot glue to attach embellishments to letter and/or frame. Last step, glue letter to glass. There ya have it! My very first one I made, I removed the glass completely and glued the letter right to the paper. AFTER that I thought about it and realized I could glue the letter to the glass so the paper could be switched! (Lightbulb!)

One of my favorite things is to see how each one turns out in a class. These ladies didn’t disappoint!

image  image  image  image  image  image  image  image  image  image  image  image

These were all 8×10, but I’ve done some adorable birthday gifts for tween girls in 5×7 frames. I think they would make the BEST bridesmaids gifts in this smaller size too.

image  image  image


Whatever size…..they make cute gifts for a new home, birthday, wedding, Christmas….or for yourself! Happy crafting! Hope you have fun making one soon! 🙂



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